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Deuces Board

The Deuces Live Board meets last Tuesday, January- October at 6:00 P.M. (passcode: DEUCESLIVE) and a combined November/December meeting (passcode: DEUCESLIVE), annually. 

Board meetings are open to the public and are now virtual until further notice.

Deuces Live Board Members 

(1/31/2023 – 1/31/2024)

  • Tony Macon-President

  • Jon Talon-Vice President

  • Misty Mack-Secretary

  • Antwaun Wells-Treasurer

  • Tyhisia Alexander

  • Shundra Allison

  • Shawandra Bell

  • Elihu Brayboy

  • Larry Butler

  • Janice Starling-Williams

  • Veatrice Farrell(Executive Director) ​

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