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This page recognizes dedicated members who diligently serve the community. Members of the Deuces are expected  to be actively involved on standing committees. To be recognized as a Deuces Live Main Street Main Star you go above and beyond the expectations!


Audrey Myers

Audrey Myers born August 8, 1957 in Ithaca New York, passed away Thursday October 24, 2019 at home in Saint Petersburg Florida. She was a loving, caring and patient care giver to many residents in the St. Petersburg community. Her smile and spunk would light up the darkest of places.

Audrey was very active with Red Tent and the Deuces Live vendors and events. At the time of her passing, she served as Secretary of the Deuces Board. Her passion, dedication and commitment are what set the foundation to the Deuces Main Star. To be considered a Main Star, you must possess some “Audrey”.

Shawandra Bell  (JULY – OCTOBER 2020 Main Star)

Shawandra Bell has been a Deuces Board member since 2016. Her passion for soul food and keeping the memory of 22 nd Street South alive led her to opening her South St. Petersburg company “Its For Da Soul Catering” in 2010 and opening a store front late last year at 1235 22 nd Street South. As co-chair of the Promotions Committee, she hasn’t missed a 1st and 3rd Thursday Block Party or a 2nd and 4th Saturday Movie at the Royal in the last three years. Special shout out to Ms. Bell for 10 hours (over 2 days) of volunteer support to Deuces business NEXT STEPP Life Center in support of their 27th Annual Fundraising Gala which will be held October 17, 2020.


As a resident of “the Deuces” since she was five years old, Shawandra has many happy memories of the Manhattan Casino, Geech’s, Sno-Peak, Champagne Lounge, Blue Moon Beer Garden, Club D, Hot Houses and many more of the establishments that created a complete downtown on 22 nd Street between the 1930’s and 60’s.           

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