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Board of Directors Application (2024-2027)

The Role of a Board Member

Board Members are recruited for a variety of reasons. Some individuals are talented fundraisers and are valuable to nonprofits for that reason. Others bring significant industry experience, credibility, and/or prestige to an organization. Whatever the reasons for service, the principal role of the Board Members is stewardship.

The Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for the management of the organization. This requires active participation. People who do not have the time to regularly participate would not be a suitable fit for a working Board. One of the most important functions of the Board is to ensure all resources and efforts are focused on the organization’s mission.


As a starting point, every Board Member should have an adequate understanding of the organization's programs, support groups, scope of advocacy, and membership. Board Members should be familiar with the organization's Bylaws and with Robert’s Rule of Order procedural guide for conducting meetings.

The Board meets monthly on the last Tuesday at 6:00 p.m., and meetings are typically one hour in duration. Our committees meet monthly and the Board communicates frequently via electronic means (e.g., phone, text, email, etc.).


Revitalizing the Community While Preserving its Heritage.


Stimulate and restore viability to the 22nd Street South corridor (The Deuces) by encouraging cooperation and building leadership in the business community; creating a positive image for the 22nd Street South corridor by promoting “The Deuces” as an exciting place to live, shop, conduct commerce and invest; improving the appearance of  “The Deuces” through education, restoration and preservation; providing educational and other services to strengthen and expand the economic base of “The Deuces”; creating activities to promote a collective positive relationship of diverse citizens in the city.

Current Board of Directors

Executive Board:

Tony Macon, President

Jon Talon, Vice President

Misty Mack, Secretary

Antwaun Wells, Treasurer

Latorra Bowles, Executive Director

Board Members:

Elihu Brayboy

Janice Starling-Williams

Larry Butler

Norman Hoyes

Shawandra Bell

Shundra Allison

Tyhisia Alexander

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