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Who are we? What do we do?

An often-overlooked, but critically important part of St. Petersburg's rich history and culture is found along the “Deuces” on 22nd Street South. 

Segregation led to a creative explosion of black businesses bustling to “sounds in the key of life” and a unique, authentic, rich culture-full of story-telling, music, BBQ, checker games, and church finery under New Orleans-style porches and structural awnings- which sprang forth on 22nd Street S. At its zenith, in the early 1960’s, the Deuces were home to hundreds of businesses.  


In 1962, one could step out the door, cross the street and get a show shine at Cozy Inn, have lunch at the shag, and later, get a haircut at Oscar Kleckley's. You could visit your attorney and buy groceries at Barco's store; Dr. Ayer could examine you. If it was too late for that, funeral arrangements could be made at the Arch-Royal.


In 2012, FIFTY YEARS LATER, the MIDTOWN EXPERIENCE is returning, The dream is to bring back a world-class community with old world charm & ambiance where traditions and new ideas unite.

Main Street Approach

Deuces Live, Inc. operates on the same 4-Point Approach as the National Main Street Association.




Economic Revitalization

Organization: involves getting everyone working towards the same goal and assembling the appropriate human and financial resources to impliment a Main Street Revitalization Program


Promotion: sell a positive image of the commercial district and encourage consumers and investors to live, work, shop, play and invest in the Main Street district.


Design: getting Main Street into top physical shape. An inviting atmosphere, created through attractive windows displays, building improvements and landscaping, conveys a vibrant and successful business community.


Economic Revitalization: Strengthen a community's existing economic assets while expanging and diversifying its economic base.

Main Purpose

Deuces Live is non-profit organization aimed to create an atmosphere within the historic 22nd Street South District that both stimulates new growth and enhances the current commercial/residential population.


Deuces Live believes that in the rehabilitation of the historic 22nd Street South District will not only promote economic development, but instill a sense of pride and place among the citizens of the community.


The mission of Deuces live is to promote positive growth and financial revitalization to the 22nd Street South corridor while preserving its rich history. Please help us in supporting our businesses

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